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Maybe I was just being a jackass. Two sides coexist in the DeMarco universe: one laid-back and sunny, one more introspective. Nevertheless, he warns against taking this too literally. Take it like a trope or whatever. Did exploring these issues on the album change the way he views his father? I mean, I was trying to understand it. A much happier relationship is with his girlfriend, Kiera McNally. Considering that a lot of music is about break-ups or falling in love, is it harder to find inspiration in a contented, settled relationship?

Mac DeMarco: how a Montreal 'slacker' made one of the best records of 2012

There are so many things better than feeling nothing at all. Long-term relationships are like a fucking mountainscape, you know?

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Things go up, things go down. Be respectful. And be real. Back at Nambucca, Kiera gets several cheers, and audience members ask about his mum, Agnes, who has developed something of a cult following online. Numerous Reddit threads are dedicated to speculation about aspects of his life: whether he and Kiera are still together, whether he takes drugs, and if so which ones. Does that bother him? But he also likes to throw curveballs about his life into the mix: he told one interviewer that Kiera has sadly passed away; he informed an audience they had broken up.

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Recently he said in an interview that he had become a father, prompting family members to get in touch to congratulate him; his mother said it almost gave her a heart attack. I mean, they were game for a while but it gets crazy. What makes him angry? A whole number of different things. What does he think of life under Trump?

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The only stage at which he gets close to losing his cool is at the gig at Nambucca. He grabs his balls and the shaft of his penis very violently and he paints with his penis. If you could give me a new look what would it be? What sort of look would you give me? I was really impressed. I think I know it. Have you played there? It was in this giant theatre and it was just so strange. How was your show? The place was beautiful. I wish they had venues like that all over. What are you working on?

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Not at the moment. Instead of Picasso. When you get a chance look him up. He wears a pink hat, cowboy boots and nothing else.

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  • Not too much room for detail with that glob of flesh throwing the paint around. You gotta get a giant, P Diddy huge bus with bunks and stuff. The ones that are sketchy looking or strange are normally by my bass player Pierce.

    Mac DeMarco- "Still Together"

    I make the ones that are strange that are on my Facebook page or YouTube channel. Wobbled a couple of light reflectors underneath too. They all score movies and make very strange soundtrack music.

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    At that point you probably get tired of making pop albums and just wanna make something like that. Which is great. That would be so strange. We play the show and then drive after the show.