Checkboxes in excel mac 2008

From the Tools menu, choose Mail Merge Manager. A Mail Merge Manager box will pop up with numbers Step 3 : Go to 1 and click on Create New, and choose Labels.

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In the box that pops up, pick the correct label brand and size that fits what you have. The most common for these types of addresses is Avery but look at your package. Then click OK. A new box pops up.

This is where you will select which fields you want on the labels. A field is a chunk of info: first name, last name, city, zip code.

10 obscure Excel tricks that can expedite common chores

So one by one, select the proper fields in the proper order from the Merge Field pop-up list. Probably you will choose fields that look a little like this:.

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So that the formatting will be correct. Then when you are done, click OK. Step 5 : You will see that your Word document now has those fields in each box.

Tips and Tricks for Excel 2008 for Mac

Does the formatting look good? If you want to change the font, or the size of the text, now is the time.

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Select all the text on the entire page and then use the proper menus to change the font and size. Step 6 : Go back to the Mail Merge Manager box. Click on 4, Filter Recipients, and click on Options. A box pops up showing all your categories. I was surprised to find a List Wizard in Excel Mac because Excel Windows has Tables , and had already been out for nearly a year when Excel was released.

How to Insert Checkbox in Excel (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

Step 1 of 3 wants to know Where is the data is for your list? It also wants to know Where do you want to put the list?

iWork to Office

Here you can select each column in the List and change the Column name and Data Type. The Settings button takes you down-the-rabbit-hole, so to speak, and brings up a Column Settings dialog box. Click Formatting… to bring up the Format Cells dialog box.

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Select the Condition Formatting… button to bring up the Conditional Formatting dialog box. Click the Validation… button to bring up the Data Validation dialog box. Having these three features available is rather amazing.

There are three more options on the Column Settings dialog box. Formula , Default value and Unique values only. If you select Calculated Column for the Data Type , then the Formula box becomes active and you can enter a formula for that column. If you select the check box for Default Value that box becomes active and you can enter a value that will appear each time a new row is generated.

Create an Interactive Checklist in Excel

Selecting the check box for Unique Values will then only allow unique values to be entered into that particular column.