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The pork dumplings were disappointing. For the amount of meat enclosed, perhaps a thicker wrap should have been used. At least the wrap was cooked perfectly and was not mushy. Instead of enhancing the flavour of the pork meat filling, which I think was seasoned, the pungent, citrusy, acidic sauce overpowered the entire dish.

Another disappointment was the Banh Mi. The bread, which should have been pieces from a fresh, crusty French baguette or ficelle with some of the crumb removed, was cold and did not taste fresh. The pork tenderloin, although nicely seasoned, was too thickly cut, on the dry side, and not very tender. Instead of homemade mayonanaise, butter I think was used; mayo with a bit of vinegar would have complimented the flavour of the Banh Mi other ingredients better. Unlike traditional Banh Mi that layers shredded pickled carrots and shredded pickled daikon root with the meat, Soji's iteration contained sliced carrots that did not taste as if they had been pickled.

The ramen was good.

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The broth had a good tonkotsu pork flavor, slightly more oily than I like. I would have loved to see Nori offered with the ramen. I was very excited to see that the ramen included Ajitsuke Tamago or a chashu egg a ramen egg , which, if cooked properly, adds more richness and enhances the flavour of the broth; it was disappointing that the egg, which seemed to have been cooked for the correct amount of time minutes , was very cold.

Thus, the broth, not steaming hot to begin with, was further cooled to the point that it failed to finish cooking the fresh ramen noodles, resulting in undercooked, firm noodles instead of noodles that should have been slightly chewy and soft without being mushy. The chashu pork, sliced a bit too thickly, had little flavor on its own and was a bit dry.

Unless you are a ramen aficionado, you will most likely be ok with the ramen. My katsudon was decent. I would have preferred the sauce, a bit thick and sweeter than I prefer, on the side. Even though the dish consists of a panko-breaded deep-fried pork tonkatsu , its crispiness was obliterated by the lightly scrambled cooked eggs it sat in.

The pork was also a bit dry and not very tender, and perhaps a bit too thick. Katsudon usually is served over plain sushi rice slighly sticky rice , at least it was in Japan. At Soji, the tonkatsu is placed over fried rice, making the entire dish even more unhealthy than with just the fried meat and eggs. However even though the fried rice under the pork was good, the fried rice ordered as a side dish, which was a very generous portion, had a burnt, bitter flavor. Something in the fried rice definitely was grilled past the savory, umami level into charcoal, burnt territory.

But I decimated most of the Korean Pork Ribs. On the upside, service was very good, and the portions for the Chef's Specials and ramen were very generous. The area where the noodles were prepared was spotless.

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As other reviewers have commented, the restaurant noise level tremendously increased to unpleasant levels once the restaurant was full making conversation quite difficult. And this eatery is very popular so book a table in advance to guarantee seating at a table for your party. All I can say is it is about time Baton Rouge get's a restaurant like this. From the second you walk in, you already feel the amazing energy from the hostess and view you get to the bar.

Cocktails: The craft cocktails are definitely amazing. From the few times i have visited i've been able to try the Okinawan Old Fashioned flavor profile is very unique but still has the old fashioned taste , Yuzu Margarita has just the right amount of spice and Sake flights highly recommend Lane to explain to you about the types of Sake. Food: Shio Koji Cauliflower is so amazing. Bring the right crunch into every bite. Definitely use your chop sticks to get the sauce that is in the bottom of the bowl. Dumplings taste like heaven and just melts in your mouth.

The flavor profile is so good from the pork to the sauce and crunchy topping! Pork belly is delicious too, a bit on the sweeter side so I just add for extra spicy sauce. Sushi is so fresh and creative.

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The Raw bar is one of my favorite places to sit. Overall the experience has always been exciting and energetic from service to cocktails to food and music weekend djs. It was very nice how Chase one of the owners was going by every table to ensure there experience was good as he did to our numerous visits. Always look forward to my experience here! Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Baton Rouge. The U.

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  • Douglas MacArthur.

The constitution—which became effective on 3 May —instituted a parliamentary system of government, under which the Emperor acted only on the advice of his ministers. It included the famous Article 9 , which outlawed belligerency as an instrument of state policy and the maintenance of a standing army.

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The constitution also enfranchised women, guaranteed fundamental human rights, outlawed racial discrimination, strengthened the powers of Parliament and the Cabinet, and decentralized the police and local government. Some of MacArthur's reforms were rescinded in when his unilateral control of Japan was ended by the increased involvement of the State Department. The reforms alarmed many in the U. Departments of Defense and State, who believed they conflicted with the prospect of Japan and its industrial capacity as a bulwark against the spread of communism in Asia.

In , MacArthur made a bid to win the Republican nomination to be the GOP candidate for president, which was the most serious of several efforts he made over the years. Wood , a diverse collection of "Old Right" and Progressive Republicans only united by a belief that the U. S sign a peace treaty with Japan was intended to allow him to retire on a high note, and thus campaign for the presidency. For the same reasons, Truman subverted MacArthur's efforts to have peace treaty signed in , saying that more time was needed before the U. S could formally make peace with Japan.

Without a peace treaty, MacArthur decided not to resign while at the same time writing letters to Wood saying he would be more than happy to accept the Republican nomination if it were offered to him. In an address to Congress on 19 April , MacArthur declared:. The Japanese people since the war have undergone the greatest reformation recorded in modern history.

With a commendable will, eagerness to learn, and marked capacity to understand, they have from the ashes left in war's wake erected in Japan an edifice dedicated to the supremacy of individual liberty and personal dignity, and in the ensuing process there has been created a truly representative government committed to the advance of political morality, freedom of economic enterprise, and social justice.

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MacArthur handed over power to the Japanese government in , but remained in Japan until relieved by President Harry S. The San Francisco Peace Treaty , signed on 8 September , marked the end of the Allied occupation, and when it went into effect on 28 April , Japan was once again an independent state.

All the first units to arrive could do was trade men and ground for time, falling back to the Pusan Perimeter. North Korean attacks on the perimeter had tapered off.

While the North Korean force numbered 88, troops, Lieutenant General Walton Walker 's Eighth Army now numbered ,, and he had more tanks and artillery pieces. Launched with naval and close air support, the landing outflanked the North Koreans, recaptured Seoul and forced them to retreat northward in disarray. On 11 September, Truman issued orders for an advance beyond the 38th parallel into North Korea.